"Roswell Rod"

(original creation)

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Ed Roth's "Mysterion" clone


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Ed Roth's "Outlaw"


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Ed Roth's "Druid Princess"

(complete restoration)

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Ed Roth's "Megacycle"

(complete restoration)

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Indian Larry Legacy


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"Margarita Chiquita"

(complete custom build)

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Custom Motorcycle Paint

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Fritz is skilled in all forms of custom from the design, body work, and paint to everything under the hood. He is well versed in body materials in either steel or fiberglass. His paint skills go from mild to wild including the craziest metal flake, candy apples, pinstriping and graphics such as: flames (which he layers 3 sets at a time or applies gold leaf), scallops, panels, and any era correct design required to set the right jazz. That is what gets him the notoriety, setting him above the rest. And people have obviously noticed, getting Fritz fame across the "International Show Car Association" car show circuit and feature stories in "Street Rodder," "Rod & Custom," "Custom Kulture Deluxe" and "Ol' Skool Rods" among many other magazines and websites.


  • Candy Jobs
  • Metal Flakes
  • Flames
  • Fades
  • Fogs
  • Overlays
  • Pinstriping
  • Lettering
  • Gold Leafing
  • Lace Work
  • Fish Scales
  • 60's & 70's etc


  • Basic Restoration
    & Body Work
  • Sheet Metal Work
  • Floor Pans
  • Patch Panels
  • Quarter Panels
  • Tops Chopped
  • Bodies Sectioned
  • Channel Jobs
  • Dechroming
  • Headlight
    & Tail Light Treatments


  • Hand Formed Fenders
    & Gas Tanks
  • Custom Paint Work
    (see paintwork list)
  • Wheels Laced and Trued
  • Custom Exhaust Pipes
  • Sissy Bars
  • Frame Work



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Privately run by Fritz Schenck with the help of his wife Carrol. Custom hot rod and motorcycle builder for well . . . since the day dad would let him use tools in the garage. Born and raised in Long Island New York, he worked in a small shop or a large garage depending how you look at, in his own home town, he now creates his magic in Kansas City Missouri where he just moved a lifetime of homemade tools, equipment, real cars and model cars, and enough autographed pictures of all his mentors to wallpaper his new home. After only four months in KC Fritz appeared in seven different car shows, as both a feature car and a competitor, which got him many prestigious awards.



Here you'll find some of the coolest people and companies I know and work with.
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